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I have come a long long way since the start of the unit, yet it feels like I only started this unit yesterday. I have developed a lot of skills that I can apply in a lot of different situations and I have become a better collaborator. Here are a few questions and my answers to them that helped me reflect on the unit as a whole.

  1.  Which TWO of the future ready skills did you BEST put to use over the course of the unit?

Over the course of this unit, A skill that I put to use was the skill of Social Intelligence. With the use of this skill, I was able to talk to people about my logo and my topic and get feedback which I implemented when I was editing my logo. By connecting with people during these conversations, was able to get more out of it. Secondly, another skill that I used over the course of this unit is Novel and Adaptive thinking, as I constantly had to adapt and evolve my thinking based on research on my topic, and update my blog posts and edit my logos accordingly. I feel like this is a crucial skill because, in today’s world that is changing ever so fast, it is imperative to keep adapting to everything around you and learn from it.

  1. a What links my final logo/concept with the UWC mission?  

My final design is linked with the school mission because it promotes diversity and open-mindedness, which is what the school strives to teach all its students. “International and intercultural understanding”, “Celebration of difference”, and “Personal responsibility and integrity” are three of the school’s values, and seeing that my logo does all three makes it heavily interconnected with the school mission and value. However, what explicitly links my final logo with the school mission is the message my logo portrays, which is “We should be open-minded and stand up to social injustice.”

  1. b Which ONE design choice does the most to reflect the UWC mission?

The one design choice that helps portray the message mentioned above and hence links my design to the UWC mission and values is the colours of the fingers in the fist. The different portray equality for people of all races and ethnicities and the pink colour portrays quality for the LGBTQ community. It portrays that these are injustices that we need to fight against, and it also promotes equality and open-mindedness.

  1. Did the final colour selections reflect an understanding/interaction with this resource on colour theory and this one?  How do you know?

My final colour choices illustrate the understanding of the resources because I took into account the psychology behind the colours and what effect that would have on the viewer. Furthermore, I tried to be bold with my colours, while sticking to a palette. Being bold with my colours would help my to rise above the noise and be noticed, and hopefully, have a lasting effect on the viewer. My bold colour choices would hopefully make the viewer remember my logo and realise everything it stands for.


Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 10.43.51 PM
My final design. Each of the colors on the fingers has a meaning.


  1. Which logo trend/s are most obvious in your final design?

The Flat logo trend is most obvious in my final design. When I started designing my logo, I wanted to make one using the concept of negative space, however, after thinking about it afterwards, I decided this would be best because it’s easily understandable, identifiable and has boldly defined lines.

3. b Of all our resource tools (see checklist), which were the most useful and which should you have investigated further?

A resource I wished I used more is the video about how to use Adobe Illustrator. I really wish that I learnt how to use Illustrator to design a logo during this unit because I feel like that would have been a useful still that I could have used in other units. However, some resources I found very useful included the Hong Kiat Typography website, as I got a lot of inspiration from that website. I also found the 10 Commandments of colour theory very useful, as it gave me an understanding of different colour combinations, which I was able to apply while designing my logo. Lastly, the “How to Create Logos or Graphic Designs in Keynote” was also a very useful resource as it helped me understand how to take my current keynote and pages skills and use those to design a logo I was happy with. I used this resources the most for designing the first draft of my logo.

4. Which piece of peer feedback most resonated with you and why?

One specific piece of peer feedback that really resonated with me was one that said: “the second logo could have its words switched and be used in almost any other topic, which means it is not quite memorable.” This helped me realise that if I want to have a memorable logo that will be remembered, I need to redesign my logo to make it stand out.

4. b Whose logo most inspired you and why?

My Friend Natania’s logo inspired me the most because it was a very simple logo that still was very powerful, resonated with the viewer, and conveyed everything it needed to in regards to the topic. It used empty space as an element, and it inspired me to redesign my simple logo.

Natania's Logo
Natania’s logo on LGBT and Equality. Check out her blog here!
  1.  Which tool (keynote/pages/adobe/Wordpress) do you feel will be the most useful to you in the future? Why?

I feel like the skills I have developed with Keynote and Pages will be very useful for me in the future when designing posters and logos for future projects in school and GC events as well. Also, I believe that being able to design posters and infographics well is a very useful skill to have.

  1. Would you say your collaborative style has remained the same across the unit, or has fluctuated? (based on this resource used earlier) What evidence makes you think so?

During the course of this unit, my collaborative style has stayed the same and has been “Pioneer”. This is because I feel like within my group, I was the person who motivated everyone, and I was also the idea-generator, coming up with different ideas for logos and different ways to present our main topic. This has remained the same since the beginning of the unit, and I even made my skills map about it.


  1. Where have you seen the most personal growth happen for you in this unit in regards to our ATLs? How did you achieve that growth?

In this unit, I feel like I development my self-management skills. Over the course of this unit, there was a lot of work to be done with designing the logo, the blog posts, the making of videos, and collecting and compiling feedback, and unless I managed my time and stayed organised there was no way I could have gotten everything done. I achieved this growth by pushing myself to stay on task and meet deadlines.

  1. Lastly, returning all the way to the start when we watched this talk together: in terms of the ways that you have interacted with classmates in this unit, are you a giver or a taker? What makes you say so?

Over the course of this unit, I have been a matcher. I feel like that was a very effective approach because ultimately everyone helped each other and everyone got what they need. For example, oftentimes after I would receive feedback on my work, I would return the favour in a sense and give them feedback on their work.


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  1. wooseopblog says:

    It is realy nice, and I like the structure
    1. There is nothing much to add
    2. I think question 6 is the best out of all
    3. yes, it is clear and direct


  2. Wow, I am with Ms Friedman and she showed me your blog. The evolution of your thinking and the logo is really interesting and I like how you document the process for the reader. Have you got any other design projects in mind? you seems to really enjoy the design process.

    Thanks Mr McCarthy


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