almost done!! • logo designing


Over this past week, while I was playing around with my old logo, I realised that that’s not what I want my logo to look like. I want it to be bold and powerful, and self-explanatory. Not just some circle with some words in it. So over this week, I have completely redesigned my logo. Below is a photo of what it looks like so far:

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 7.34.07 PM

Here is a video of me doing some final touch-ups to the logo. I still have to add text, so I’m not entirely done with it yet! Feedback would be appreciated ~!!

While working on our logo in class, we had the opportunity to interact with other peers and get feedback on our logos so far. The main feedback I had gotten was to add text to make it more relevant to digital dragons day (which I will do soon!) and to change the color of a few things, and perhaps change the shades from more pastel shades to bolder colors to stand out and rise above the noise of all the other logos. In the video above, while I mainly worked on getting the shape of the heart and the fist lined up, I did also get some time at the end to play with the colours.

The most helpful resource from the resource bank was definitely the Hong Kiat Typography resource. It was a great inspiration to me and it was what inspired me to completely redesign my logo. It showed me what a logo needs to have to be truly remembered by the reader and it showed me what I should include in my logo to make it link to the subject, be aesthetically appealing, and have an impact on the viewer.

I feel the resource bank could potentially be very useful in a great majority of other subjects and for other tasks in general.  It could be very helpful in designing posters, which could not only help for courses in school but also for Services and Global Concerns. I know the skills I have acquired from this unit will be very helpful to me in the future, especially as I am particularly interested in designing posters, logos, etc..

Lastly, I would really like to thank all of you. Without your help, support and feedback, I wouldn’t have been able to get where I am now :))



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