logo • changing fonts

This week, I worked on playing around with the colours and font of my logo so far. Here is a video.

Here are photos of the 5 variations:

Which one do you like best? Comment below!

Here are the answers to a few questions on these variations of my logo:

Which Font aligned best? What makes you say that?

I quite like the logo where the text follows the path of the circle, I feel that it gives the logo more space, and it also is generally more interesting to the viewer than just having text all lined up in a straight line. Lastly, it also creates a path that I know the viewer’s eyes will follow, and I can use that to add more elements which make the logo more interesting and visually appealing. Perhaps I could further develop that logo by aligning the “digital Dragons Day’ to the circle as well, or perhaps I could use the three lines on the side to incorporate this text. However, something I could develop is choosing fonts that match more, or maybe just using the same for, because using three different fonts in the same logo does look quite weird. However, I will still use a different font for the text “Digital Dragon Day” because I like the distinction between the two headers.

Which is your least favourite option? Why?

My least favourite option is the second one because I don’t think that the font matches with the other finds, or the issue at hand. I also don’t like the thin lines, I think the thicker lines gives it a more distinct shape which is good, because it makes the logo seem more definite as a whole. Also, the thinner lines makes the circle seem bigger which creates more empty space. Empty space can look nice in a logo, however random empty space because the text is too small does always not look nice.  Perhaps this could be fixed by adding an icon, or it could be fixed by increasing the size of the text. While I quite like the gradient, since most of the text is concentrated in the middle it doesn’t look as nice.

Three biggest problems and what did you do to manage them?

One of the problems I had was making the text follow the path of the circle. It was very time-consuming and I had to do it letter by letter. I later found out that it is easier to do this on the abode illustrator / adobe photoshop softwares, but I wasn’t sure how to do this. I will probably learn this skill for next time, because it does seem to be useful in designing logos and posters.

Another problem I had was choosing a font, while considering the issue. Its very hard to find a font that relates to this issue as social justice is a broad topic, that is hard to visualise as a font. I decided it was essential that as long as I chose a font that is not silly, as that would change what we are trying to convey through this logo.

Lastly, another problem I faced was to create logos that were varied enough for the viewer to notice. Changing only the font and nothing else may not have much of a difference on the viewer, and unless the font is really absorb, it won’t change the way the viewer views the issue as a whole. However, it does make a difference on the aesthetics of the logo, which could in turn affect how the viewer views the logo.

On a separate note, we are probably going to finalise our logo soon! Since I am not quite happy with the way my logo looks, I may change it during this week. I have a few ideas, and I will keep you updated on my ideas and perhaps ask you some more feedback 🙂


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