feedback & skills map


Thank you so so much for your feedback last week! It really helped us and now we are working on improving our logo based on your comments. We really appreciate it. We used an organiser to collect and organise all the feedback that you gave us, into most urgent and important. Our next task is to use the sword logo, and add text to make the message more clear, and add a shield to show that we are combating the problem. Here are a few photos of my organiser:

Next, we created a visual skills map to show our styles of thinking and working in a group and to pinpoint the skills we’ve used to far in this project. To do this, we used two resources, one for the styles of working in a team and one for the skills we’ve used so far. I quite like the idea of a visual map, it helps display our skills and our style in a much more interactive way. Here is my skills map:


Hope you liked it!


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