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Source: “166” by Mitya Ku – Under Creative Commons license

So Far in Digital Perspectives…

For the past two weeks in Digital Perspectives, we have been working on creating a logo for a celebrity client, by firstly researching about them, and then using that information to create a logo. My logo wasn’t entirely complete because I wanted to add more, but I was happy with the way it looked by the end of the time we had.

Here is a screencast of the making of my logo.

Sometimes I find it hard to get things done quickly, but taking a few minutes to manage my time beforehand can really be helpful. I feel that sticking to a schedule is always really helpful. However, it is very possible to get too worked up in sticking to specific times, and not do my work to the best of my ability. I think it’s important to strike a balance between the two.

Today in class, we looked at potential topics that could interest a 9th grader, and we made a list of them on post-it notes and wrote why. Here are my post-it notes.

  1. Thought Provoking Social Justice Blogs on Tumblr
  2. Facebook Newsroom
  3. Human Rights Now

Digital Dragons Day

In the future, our school may have an event called Digital Dragon Day,  where on a specific day (sometime next year!) students in all UWCs around the world will come today and post blog posts about our chosen topic. Our idea for a topic was combating social injustice. Especially in light of recent issues, we feel that this is definitely a cause that people feel strongly about and will be passionate to make a difference. We also feel that it is crucial to make people aware f what is happening today in the world in terms of social injustice, what we can do to help, and how if we look closely enough, we may even be able to see it in our on communities. By having everyone post about this issue on one day, together as a team and as a community, we can make sure our voice is heard, and we create change in this world.

Here are a few links that can help us with our research:

  1. Stop Bullying Now
  2. Blog Post about Discrimination in Friend Groups

We believe that blog posts are a great idea because they are a great medium for people to voice their opinion and thoughts, without feeling constrained or restricted. Also, when it’s out on the internet, it’s there for anyone to see, which could be a great thing when it comes to spreading the message!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I like that your title is direct and clear, but maybe for a more engaging title, you could have used an interesting quote about social injustice. I also love the image you chose, but maybe you could also find one to do with social injustice. Also, don’t forget to insert citations. As you are talking about a lot of different things in this blog post, maybe you can break up your thoughts using subheadings in different fonts or font size.
    Here is a hyperlink you could have used to support your post:
    These powerful Ted Talks can help the reader think about the importance of combatting social injustice. Lastly, you could maybe end with a question about social injustice to prompt thinking and discussion.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. anushka2302 says:

    I think your title is engaging and delivers the main message of your article, immediately getting the reader thinking. Your choice of image is also relevant and insightful because the readers can connect with the idea and begin thinking of occurrences of social injustice in their own lives. I feel you can improve the spacing between your paragraphs to improve the flow of your article. Here is a link that might be useful for this topic:
    I like your choice of font as it does not draw attention away from the main article and creates a bold sense of the title. Maybe you could end your blog post with a rhetoric question to keep your reader thinking. However, I like how you summarise everything in your final paragraph and clearly deliver your message.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. shayona says:

    I think that your title was really good in informing the reader of what the article is about. To improve, you could hook the reader in more. I really like the image, because it is not directly connected, but can allow the reader to infer as to what the article really goes into. It allows the post to have an atmospherical feeling and portrays emotion. You could also have used a bit more transition words. Here is a good resource that might be useful for this topic. : This is a good resource because it is a highly certified and trustworthy source. Hope it helps! Your overall blog structure is very clean and easy to navigate. You could work on your flow through your post. I also really like how you ended with a conclusion.


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